SOUTH PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- How do Maine lobsters get to the rest of the world? Fifth graders in South Portland learned the answer Thursday during a field trip to the International Marine Terminal in Portland.

The trip is part of a pilot program created by the Maine Port Authority and the South Portland School Department to teach students about the movement of freight through Maine's ports.

The curriculum is designed to use geography and math skills, figuring out the volume of a shipping container and where the goods are being shipped from and where they are going after they leave Maine.

"I hope they understand how they get the goods their family has, a gaming system or where their clothes come from. This is how the world moves, these are the arteries of the economy. Really hope they come away with an excitement to learn about that,"
said Patrick Arnold from Soli DG, which contracts with the Maine Port Authority.

Right now, the program is for students in South Portland, but the plan is to make eventually it available to all students in Maine.