BREWER, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - Thanksgiving is just a few days away and a number of people in Brewer are volunteering their own time so that others who may be less fortunate can enjoy the holiday.

Today was the fifth day in the fifteenth annual Solidarity Harvest. An event where volunteers put together Thanksgiving baskets to be given to families in need. These baskets are made up of produce that is purchased from local Maine farmers.

"This whole event is solidarity and not charity," said event organizer Adam Thiesen. "And along those lines we want to support the farmers rather than asking for donations."

This year organizers and volunteers raised over $50,000 to buy products from over 40 local farms and producers. 1,300 bags and baskets will be put together over a week's period, which is enough to feed nearly 10,000 people.

"When you are a complete community you have solidarity," said Doris Poland. "People help each other, and especially in the state of Maine."

Bags and baskets put together during the Solidarity Harvest will be distributed to people in need from now through Tuesday, November 21st.