(NEWS CENTER) -- Cyber Monday kicks off this edition of Social Stop.

122 million shoppers were expected to browse through the discounts. According to the Adobe Digital Index, Cyber Monday was expected to be the biggest online shopping day in history.

According to NBC News, Walmart and Target have already reported 60 percent of purchases were made with smartphones and tablets over the weekend.


In politics, while Green Party Candidate Jill Stein is requesting a ballot recount in Wisconsin, President-Elect Donald Trump fired off on Twitter.

On Sunday, he alleged he won the popular vote "if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally." NBC News reports that claim so far is baseless.

Trump also alleged "serious voter fraud" in Virginia, California and New Hampshire.

Deputy Secretary of State Dave Scanlan told NEWS CENTER just like any other state, there have been a handful of cases of voter fraud.

"His statements will certainly generate a discussion in New Hampshire about the elective process here, and that may be a healthy thing," he said. "Our legislature is in session in January and I've already seen pieces of legislation that has been filed that deal with the election process in New Hampshire."


For 17-year-old Jamal Hamilton in Pheonix, a mistaken text message connected him to a stranger over the holiday.

Wanda Dench sent out her Thanksgiving plans in a text message and accidentally sent it to Hamilton. He quickly realized she wasn't his grandmother, but took her up on the offer and asked if he could still get a plate.

With the support of the internet, Hamilton showed up to her house and the two strangers shared a meal over the holiday.