GLENBURN, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - Snow is just around the corner and snowmobilers around the state are gearing up for their first rides of the season, but the number of people who maintain the trails is down.

According to the Maine Snowmobile Association, they had about 11,000 households that were members in the early 2000's compared to about 9,500 this year. Snowmobile clubs rely on volunteers to clear and maintain the almost 14,000 miles of trails around the state.

"Every club is running into it these days. It is all older generations," said Eddie Pinkham of the Glenburn Lakeside Riders. "There is not many younger kids doing it anymore."

Pinkham started the Glenburn Lakeside Riders snowmobile club in 1997. He and his family have snowmobiled their entire lives and have spent every Sunday morning since early September working to clear almost 30 miles of trails around the Glenburn area.

"It shows responsibility and character and work ethic to be able to come out and show up every weekend, and do stuff that helps you and other people in the long run," said Tyler Pinkham.

21 year-old Tyler Pinkham has been snowmobiling and clearing trails since he was four years old. He, his dad and their snowmobile club members put in the work to keep other riders safe for the sport he loves.

"Snowmobiling is one of my passions and if the younger generation doesn't step up to help with snowmobiles with the trials, then there wont be anyone," said Tyler Pinkham.