With Halloween coming up in a couple weeks, CandyStore.com has used 10 years of sales data to determine the top-selling Halloween candy in all 50 states.

There are some good treats across the map. Alaska's favorite candy is Twix (nice). Kansas loves Reese's Peanut Butter Cups (always awesome).

Not every state enjoys such reasonable candy choices, Maine's favorite candy is Sour Patch Kids


Sour Sweets (jelly sweets, USA) in jar with spoon Sour Sweets (jelly sweets, USA) in jar with spoon

The sour treat that numbs your taste buds, comes out on top with 58,290 pounds sold in Maine, over the last 10 years according to CandyStore.com. M&M's were a close second with 45,958 pounds sold and Starburst came in at a distant third with 16,782 pounds sold.

"Crazy Sour Patch Kids don’t seem in line with the peaceful vibe Maine gives off to outsiders," the website says. "Is Maine hiding their true identity from the rest of us? If you’re in Maine, let us know what’s going on up there. And also, make sure to stock up on Sour Patch Kids for Halloween"