The sky over Maine appears hazy and milky, not from clouds, but from smoke.

Wildfires have been burning in Canada all summer. In fact, it's been one of the worst wildfire seasons ever for the Province of British Columbia.

The map above shows where the fires are live and currently burning. You'll notice most of them are clustered in Northern Saskatchewan and Manitoba. So how does smoke 1,500 miles away get all the way to Maine? It has to do with the upper-level prevailing winds.

The infernos are so massive that smoke rises tens of thousands of feet into the air where stronger winds can pick that smoke up and transport it large distances. Follow the wind trajectories and you can clearly see the path to Maine.

The visible satellite confirms it too. Those streaks, that look like cirrus clouds, are streaks of smoke. On rare occasions, the smoke can get so thick that you can actually smell it. Today, it's harmless. Albeit, a little annoying, tainting our otherwise perfectly sunny day.

Todd Gutner-