BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- The Bangor Humane Society rescued 16 puppies and dogs from a kill shelter in Mississippi -- some are already making a big impact on their new owners.

"She's just very sweet, very well behaved, very loving" Sherry Corson said. Corson said she was hesitant to get a new dog but fell in love with her new puppy 'Tinkerbell' instantly. "She put her little paws on me and looked up at me" Corson said. "We just knew that we were supposed to be together".

Corson has struggled with PTSD for years -- she rarely gets more than an hour of sleep of night. However, her first night with Tinkerbell was a different story. "I slept seven hours and I didn't even wake up once" Corson said. "I woke up this morning with her snuggling me, with her head on me".

These rescues are part of a new partnership between the Bangor Humane Society and the ASPCA. Shelter Director Stacey Coventry said the first adoption session on Tuesday was a huge success.

"We had a line that kind of started in the hallway and went out the front door" Coventry said. "Yesterday this side of the room was full with our adoptable dogs and as you can see, today they are empty once again". The shelter experts to rescue anywhere from 60-80 dogs from kill shelters every month with this new partnership.

"It feels really good to be apart of something really big and to be making a difference" Coventry said. "And to not only be partnering with shelters in our own state but reaching across state lines as well".

If you missed this round of adoptions, don't worry, the humane society plans to have another round of rescues in the next couple of weeks. You can click here for more information.