PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) – Portland Mayor Ethan Strimling passed a temporary ban on pot sales in the city of Portland Monday night.

The moratorium took effect immediately and will last 6-months. The city says this period will give them time to come up with regulations on pot sales. This means businesses and social clubs can't open until the city comes up with these regulations.

"If the recount comes out and ends up losing, then no harm, no foul we're right back to where we started. if it passes the moratorium is for 6 months and that gives us plenty of time... remember if it passes, it'll be 60 days before it goes into effect and then 9 months that the state has to come up with the rules and nobody can open a retail shop until they get a state license, so we have plenty of time here, this moratorium is here to cover our bases, play it safe, if somebody tries to apply and slip in under the wire, we're going to make sure we're protected," the city of Portland.

However, if question one passes in a recount, recreational pot will be legal. Cities and towns will be able to regulate marijuana businesses.