PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — A week after being released on bail, Marinna Rollins, the veteran from Windham accused of killing her comfort dog with a rifle, is dead.

Police say Rollins died from an apparent suicide around 3 AM Sunday at her home in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

Rollins was due in court next week.

Her family in Florida and Maine are taking the news, “very hard,” according to Rollins’ sister Arianna.

Arianna, who turned Marinna into police last month, says a sad situation has become an awful one.
Not only is Marinna's dog Cam gone, now Marinna herself is too.

“There's no really justice done there and now there's nothing anybody can do, it's horrible,” she said.
Arianna has said her sister became troubled after returning with PTSD from an incident in South Korea, where she was stationed while serving in the Army.

Arianna says she and her family had pushed Marinna to get help but Marinna didn't listen.
They had hoped Marinna would have been forced to find that help in jail.

“That's what I was hoping, we were all hoping, we were hoping she'd get the help that she needed, both mentally and obviously physically because she was just not well at all from what we're finding out,” said Arianna.