BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) – We shared the story of 15-year-old Dont’e Izzo’s suicide and the impact it had on his family and community.

NEWS CENTER is continuing the conversation surrounding the second leading cause of death among teens in Maine for Suicide Prevention Awareness month.

“I attempted to take my own life five years ago,” Katy Coffin said. "None of my family had any idea I was suffering."

Coffin said her mom found her and rushed to a hospital--ultimately saving her life.

"Without her I would not be alive,” she said.

Coffin created a group called One More Day with a Facebook page in the hopes of helping others.

"I'm very grateful that I'm still alive,” she said.

The most important thing: keeping the conversation alive.

Tess shared this comment on Facebook:

"My children lost a friend to suicide. No one, not even his roommate noticed any difference in his behavior. He told no one and did not leave a note. We are still reeling from it."

Q: "Is it really true that sometimes you just don't see it?”

A: “Absolutely. I feel like we're not educated enough to know the signs of suicide. You could have talked to any one of my friends and they would have said Katie is the happiest person I know. It was my first time reaching out and they said if you haven't done it already then you probably won't."

She said the best thing you can do as a friend is listen and direct them to help—whether it be a hotline or mental health specialist.

"It may be awkward. It may be ripping the band aid off because you're allowing some communication,” Coffin said.

For her all of this didn't come without guilt.

"I used to call myself selfish in the beginning,” she said.

Al shared on Facebook: "Selfish kid."

Q: "Is that the right attitude to have?"
A: “No. No it's not. Because you don't know that person's struggle."

That is exactly the message she hopes is heard more clearly, because by creating better understanding we can save more lives.

“No matter how bad your day is, no matter what you're going through in life, always give life one more day,” she said.