Hundreds of people shopped in Portland's Old Port Saturday as part of "Small Business Saturday," which was also "Shop for a Cause" day to benefit the Milestone Foundation, an organization that helps homeless people and those struggling with substance abuse get help.

48 of Portland Downtown's businesses sent a portion of the sales revenue to the Milestone Foundation.

"They're supporting a local business which is also supporting a local community," said Marie Stewart Harmon, the manager of Lisa-Marie's Made in Maine. "They don't even realize that their money is being used in such a helpful way."

Marie said the store has participated in the event every year since it opened in the Old Port six years ago. She said she has heard from people who have directly benefited from the money the raised.

"There's a woman who lives right down the street. She wasn't in this apartment last year and now she is and she's up on her own two feet and supporting herself and that I even had a tiny little bit to do with that is like, alright, this is why we're here," said Stewart Harmon.

Shoppers see it as a way to give back to those less fortunate.

"Life is so busy that you don't even think to give and when you come out and do this, it's giving without even thinking about it," said Rose Dixon, who was out shopping Saturday.