PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- If you've ever watched the weather segment on the MORNING REPORT and thought to yourself, "Todd Gutner would never hurt a fly," then you couldn't be more wrong.

A couple of house flies made the mistake of disturbing Todd and Sharon Rose-Vaznis as they were trying to deliver the news on Wednesday.

No tears were shed for the two house flies that Sharon and Todd squashed on the MORNING REPORT

Sharon was the first to take action. She was off camera during Todd's forecast when she swatted one of the bugs out of the air. Fleeing her wrath, a second fly headed straight toward Todd. Bad idea. The moment the fly landed on the floor, Todd stomped it flat in full view of the camera.

Usually warm and friendly, Sharon shows no mercy when a house fly enters her sights

Other flies got the message and stayed out of reach, although their buzzing could still be heard. Distance was no guarantee of safety once Todd opened his mail. In an odd coincidence, a letter he received later that morning contained two spring-loaded fly swatters as a gift from the editors of the Farmers' Almanac.

Like James Bond, Todd has a license to kill. Unlike Bond, Todd's license only applies to flies

Weapons in hand, Todd and Sharon returned to the studio to exterminate the remaining pests. Although bug hunting may not sound glamorous, Todd channeled James Bond with his gun-shaped swatter. And like every Bond movie, his adventure needs a catchy title. How about "Live and Let Fly?" Or maybe "Flyfall?" "The Fly Who Loved Me?"