FALMOUTH, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Gov. Paul LePage says Sen. Susan Collins has done a “shameful thing” to Mainers by refusing to support the latest Senate GOP effort to replace Obamacare.

The Governor talked to reporters following a speech Thursday morning in Falmouth. Asked about the announcement that Anthem had decided to withdraw from the ACA exchange in Maine, the Governor initially had little comment, but then blamed Sen. Collins.

“Go talk to Susan Collins,” the Governor said at first. “She knows more about it, she has all the answers. It’s a shameful thing this lady has done to this state. We were going to be a major benefactor, and we’ve had several organizations evaluate this bill. There were states like California, New Jersey hurt a bit, but states like Maine and New Hampshire, rural states would have benefitted.”

The Governor has said several times that Collins has her facts wrong about the Graham-Cassidy bill hurting Maine financially. But a spokesperson for Collins said the Governor is wrong, and said multiple studies of the plan, including one from the Congressional Budget Office, show Maine would lose funding under that Senate GOP plan.