BRUNSWICK, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- It was a cold day today, but that didn't stop people from coming out to both support and join in on the seventh annual Rolling Slumber Bed Races this morning.

Each team designs their own unique bed that races down a track against another team, where the fastest of the two moves on to the finals to race against other winners.

Event Coordinator Tom Barter has been hosting this event along with the Brunswick Downtown Association and loves seeing the creativity the teams come up with.

"A couple of years back we saw a casket with wheels on it. It was sponsored by a funeral home and it was definitely probably the most creative."

Some of the beds included two cat in the hat themes, a sexual assault support service design, an outhouse, and two patriotic themes to honor Veteran's day.

Eight teams raced this year, and the final race ended in a tie for the first time by Pathway Vineyard Church and their Cat in the Hat theme against Fleet Fleet Sports Maine running and their "We've got the Runs" outhouse.

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