WASHINGTON, (NEWS CENTER) — Senator Angus King said if the reports are true that President Trump did ask former FBI Director James Comey to drop an investigation of the president’s former national security adviser, it comes close to the definition of obstruction of justice which could be grounds for impeachment.

The independent Senator was on CNN with host Wolf Blitzer Tuesday night speaking about a memo that people familiar with the matter say Comey wrote after a meeting with the president in February.

Senator King said later in a conference call with Maine reporters that it is too early to discuss removing the president from office and he didn’t want to get ahead of the facts.

King, who sits on the Senate Intelligence Committee with Maine Republican Sen. Susan Collins, also appeared on MSNBC Tuesday. He told Chris Matthews that the burden of proof is on the White House.

“I think it's up to them now to come forward with whatever it is they have that the conversation didn't take place. And if there are tapes we want those tapes.”

“And I think the president is the one who brought tapes into the discussion. We want to know if there are tapes, if there are, I can tell you the Congress, and I was in the intelligence committee this afternoon, we want to know what went on in the Oval office that day and also last week in the meeting with the Russians where classified intelligence was released.”