Republican senate majority leader Garrett Mason is in the 2018 race for governor.

Mason made the announcement in front of roughly 100 supporters in Lewiston Thursday night.

It was a little overdue because Mason’s mother, who was also a Maine legislator, died unexpectedly the day before Mason was scheduled to announce he was running weeks ago.
Mason made it clear she was a driving force in his political career and said she wouldn’t have wanted him to halt the campaign.
Mason grew up in Lisbon falls, worked in sports management and is now a realtor.
He is very adamant that taxes in the state are too high.

“I think the income tax has a major impact on Maine,” said Mason, in an interview with NEWS CENTER. “It’s one of the things republicans have been laser focused on in the legislature, but its time to stop dabbling around the edges, time to dive in and eliminate it once and for all. “
Cutting taxes will be a priority for his campaign.

Mason joins a couple GOP candidates already running for governor.
They include House Republican Leader Ken Fredette and former DHHS Chief Mary Mayhew.