TROY, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — Sen. Susan Collins clarified statements she made about the possibility of running for governor next year with NEWS CENTER Wednesday.

Collins said she is not likely to make a decision until the fall, adding that she feels no pressure.

The Senator stopped by for a visit with kids at the Troy Central Elementary School. The school invited Collins to speak about her experience and read to the students.

There she reflected on her 21 years in Washington—valuable seniority Collins said she fears giving up if she were to leave the senate and run for the Blaine House.

Collins said she is still weighing the “pros and cons” and considering what is best for Mainers.

“The governor gets to work more directly on job creation, education issues, economic development, all of which are so important to our state,” she said. “So I'm weighing the issue of where I can do the most for the people of Maine, but I really don't expect to make a decision any time soon.”

When asked whether she and Governor LePage might be trading seats, she said it is far too soon to say. LePage had previously hinted he might run for senate against Angus King.