PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - Members of Maine's Congressional delegation are taking a quick step away from the political firestorm in Washington DC.

Friday, Senator Susan Collins sat down with contest winners from a Portland radio station to enjoy some political talk, a casual environment, and a very early Maine meal.

A Maine staple - a lobster bake - at 8 AM? "I can eat lobster any time of the day," said Senator Susan Collins.

The breakfast was broadcast live on Portland's Q97.9, and was mostly fun and games. The Senator cr acked jokes, did a taste test, and even taught some how to eat a lobster.

It's a chance to sit with constituents - but certainly not in the large 'town hall' setting that many have requested of the Senator. "What I've always found to be most valuable is when we sit down in small groups," she said.

But some questions are inescapable for Senator Collins - like when Q97.9 host Lori Voornas asked, "So are you going to be our governor?"

Collins says she's been asked this question "almost every day lately."

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The Senator says she simply hasn't had time to talk to her family and advisors yet, but that she plans to make a decision in September.

Voornas took her question a step further - even jokingly suggesting that Collins run for president. "There are so many people in Washington that the story is that they look in the mirror and see a president," said Collins. "I'm very happy representing the people of Maine."

The breakfast did take a serious turn - with Collins and her guests discussing her healthcare vote. She told NEWS CENTER that healthcare is an issue that comes up everywhere she goes.

"I know that people are never going to agree with all of my votes," she said, and then joked, "My husband doesn't agree with all of my votes!"