WALDOBORO, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — Friday will be the last day in the clinic for the man they call "Doctor Jack." Dr. Jack Waterman will retire, ending more than 60 years of care in the community by the Waterman family.

He grew up in Waldoboro, where his father and mother were both physicians. Doctor Jack says they didn't pressure him to choose a medical career, but he made the decision while he was a student at the University of Maine.

"A couple of the guys in my band – (he was a rock and roll band drummer) – were pre-med, and I decided to join then," he said.

Waterman went to medical school in Kansas, and after a residency came home to Waldoboro to join the family practice. He has been helping care for his hometown neighbors ever since.

Those patients clearly appreciate him. The doctor says many have dropped off cards, wishing him well in retirement, and saying how much he will be missed.

Ted and Jean Genthner were in for an appointment Thursday. Ted Genthner said he has known Waterman virtually his whole life and was two years behind him in school. Genthner said his family doctor has always been a Waterman.

"He cares for his patients," Genthner said, explaining that the doctor takes the time to talk and understand what's happening in patients' lives.

Waterman said he is 65, and ready to retire. He plans to travel with his wife, and maybe play the drums again. He said he has enjoyed practicing medicine, and despite all the changes, has continued to make an occasional house call.

"Just made one yesterday," he said.

He has also watched his patients grow up and grow old. Waterman said he delivered 60 babies before the hospital took over obstetrics. Those babies have grown, and some have come in with their own children.

Three generations of some families, cared for, in Waldoboro, by two generations of Watermans.