UPDATE: The Warden Service says the search for 70-year-old Edward Berrett from West Bath has been suspended. Officials say the Maine Warden Service placed considerable search resources in all probable areas over the last three days. The search included an area stretching two miles from the point Berrett was last seen and encompassed a total area of five square miles. Additional water areas will likely be searched in the future depending upon weather conditions.

WEST BATH, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- On foot, by water and by air dozens of volunteers have scoured miles of woods in West Bath, searching for clues that might lead them to Ted Berrett.

The search for 70-year-old Edward Berrett from West Bath has been suspended. 

The 70-year-old, who lives alone in a tidy cape on Beaver Brook Road was last seen alive Friday night. A neighbor told police he walked out the door of his home, alarmingly, without a coat or a shirt on.

Over the weekend, police were alerted and asked to do a wellness check on Berrett after he'd missed several appointments. The home was empty. His cell phone and wallet are believed to have been left inside.

"Within the past 24 hours, we located a belt and shoes that have been identified as belonging to Mr. Berrett," Corporal John MacDonald of the Maine Warden's Service explained. MacDonald says the personal items were left near the New Meadows River, "neatly" arranged.

Game wardens, teaming up with the Maine State Police, Sagadahoc County Sheriff's deputies and volunteers, have been collecting clues, attempting to create a timeline of Ted Berrett's last known location. Late Tuesday morning, family members arrived at the makeshift command post at the West Bath Volunteer Fire Department. Inside, they spoke with officers, "providing us with tidbits of who Ted Berrett is, helping us to know what he liked to do, what made him tick".

They've also canvassed stores and businesses in the nearby Cook's Corner section of Brunswick, an area Berrett was known to have shopped, possibly on Friday. They are hoping surveillance video will help them with their timeline.

Four days after Berrett disappeared, searchers are not giving up, although they admit their hopes are fading. "Given his age, and the fact that it appears he wasn't wearing warm clothing, it is difficult to not think that this won't end well," MacDonald said. "Unfortunately."