UPDATE: Maine Wardens continue searching for the two men from Fort Fairfield who went fishing Tuesday afternoon.

Eric Sherwood, 43, and Mark Chambers, 51, went fishing in a 12-foot motor boat with plans to fish between Square Lake and Eagle Lake Tuesday, June 13th.

Game Wardens say around 4:00 p.m., their boat began to take on water in very windy conditions. Wardens say the men clung to the boat until dark.

Charles Guimond, 23, drifted to shore and was found alive Wednesday morning. He was wearing a life jacket and was taken to a hospital where he is being treated.

The body of Martin Chambers, 56, was found Wednesday afternoon in shallow water between Salmon Point and Goddard Cove on the lakes southeastern shore. He was not wearing a life jacket.

A game warden pilot was scanning the Square Lake Thursday morning, looking for places to send divers. The Maine Warden Service Dive Team will use sonar to search the bottom of the lake.

Game Wardens presume that Eric Sherwood and Mark Chambers were not wearing life jackets and that they could not have survived the cold water.

Officials say the water was near 58 degrees.

This incident brings Maine's boating related deaths this year to ten.

Wardens warn that Maine's waterways remain dangerously cold and people going out on the water should always wear a life jacket.

SQUARE LAKE, Aroostook County (NEWS CENTER) Game Wardens are searching for three missing boaters on Square Lake in the unorganized territory in Aroostook County.

Public Information Officer John MacDonald told NEWS CENTER four people were in a boat that capsized Tuesday afternoon due to wind.

MacDonald says the four people clung to the boat for several hours Tuesday night. He says three are presumed dead and they did not have on life jackets.

The fourth boater was wearing a life jacket and made it to shore alive. He is being treated for injuries at a hospital.

The Maine Warden Service Dive Team, a Warden Service aircraft and game wardens are searching the lake.