MEDFORD, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - Diana Estey was reported missing by a family friend last year after she hadn’t been seen in her Medford home for a few days. Officials suspended the search for the 71 year old woman last November But on Sunday morning, volunteers and the Maine Warden Service set out once again to try and find her.

On September 12th the Maine Warden Service asked volunteers to come out to search for Diana Estey. And on Sunday morning people from all over the sate showed up here at the Medford Town Office, ready to look."Well the support from everybody has been great. But it’s an on going everyday thing.”

Paul Estey still doesn’t have answers. It was the end of last October that his sister Diana went missing and after almost 11 months, another ground search for the 71 year-old took place near her home in Medford.

“We are just hoping for some kind of a clue. Anything. Nothing has worked out so far. We haven’t been able to find a thing,” said her brother Paul Estey.

The Maine Warden Service organized the search – calling for volunteers through Facebook as well as sending out K-9 units and other trained personnel. Hoping to cover more ground than the unsuccessful searches from last year.

The pre planning process is everything we found before and expanding out beyond that. Looking at maybe search areas that haven’t been searched thoroughly enough to our standards," said Lieutenant Kevin Adam.

And Mainers answered the call. Coming from all over the state – people came to help look for Diana. Many had not even known her. They just want to give her family some answers.

“Community service. These people need closure if they can figure out what happened to their loved person then we would like to be able to help them if we can,” said volunteer Garfield Holmes.

For the Etsey family, the kindness and help from their community and beyond has been overwhelming.

“It means the world to you because you forget with everything going on that there’s a lot of kind people. And they show up and work hard, for strangers," said Paul Estey.

According to the Maine Warden Service, following today's search there were no clues found that they can attribute to being related or connected to Diana Estey.