HAMPDEN, Maine (NEWS CENTER) – Staff at Hampden Academy stepped up to help students in need during the power outage this week.

This after several students came forward saying they were not able to get food at home on top of all of the other challenges that came with losing power after Monday’s storm.

"It broke my heart,” Rebecca Faulkner, a social worker at the school, said.

Faulkner and a number of other staff members rallied together to collect food and supplies. The group packed bags for each student to take home throughout the week.

“Some of them hadn't even had food for a couple days other than what they were getting here. We decided to put the bags together of nonperishable food items to send home with the kids,” Faulkner said.

The supplies included snacks, bread, fruit peanut butter and jelly.

Teachers in the school were set to contribute Friday. They usually donate money to charity to dress down at the end of the week. This week they all brought in supplies and food instead.

Faulkner said she hope it shows the students how much they care.

“We're always here to help them out. It doesn't matter what the situation,” she said.