LEWISTON, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Todd made the wrong call to begin fasting at the same time he was also scheduled to visit Farwell Elementary School in Lewiston.

Graduates are usually on the receiving end of gifts. Instead it was NEWS CENTER's Todd Gutner who was showered with presents by sixth graders in their last week of class.

Todd went to Farwell on Thursday for the latest in his series of meteorology discussions. Students greeted him with boxes of pastries from Grant's Bakery and The Italian Bakery.

But as much as Todd loves sweets, he could only stare at the pile of goodies as they sat untouched in front of him. Todd was under his doctor's orders to fast before having blood drawn. His loss was the newsroom's gain. For once, the treats made it all the way back to the station for his co-workers to enjoy without Todd's favorites disappearing along the way.