SCARBOROUGH, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — An 18-year old Scarborough teenager is hoping to use her experience as a domestic violence survivor to teach her generation how to leave an abusive relationship.

Maggie Mader said it took her a year to get out of an emotionally and abusive relationship with her ex-boyfriend.

As part of her own healing process, she's launching a faith-based nonprofit to help other teens empower themselves to break the cycle.

The website for Instead Ministries will launch in a couple of weeks. It will feature a video of Mader sharing her experiences and an original song by Sydney Guerrette called "Cry Out to You." It will also include organizations to contact for help, a pray page, blog posts and stories from other survivors.

Mader said she hopes to help teens end an abusive relationship, which can often begin at a very young age.

"It's having the knowledge when you are young what is OK and what is not," Mader said, "and as a woman, what to put up with, and having the courage to walk away."

The site will go live Aug. 5 at You can follow Instead Ministries on Facebook and Instagram.