SCARBOROUGH, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- After November 1st, there may never be horses at the Scarborough Downs horse barn again

The track says the cost of maintaining the barn has gotten too high and it's had to close it.

It is leaving the door open to a fix but it’s a stark one.

In the letter, track officials say the only way the barn can stay open is if the horsemen help come up with and find a way to fund a solution to the barn’s problems.

Scarborough downs also added that problems like alcohol consumption are partly to blame.

But the biggest problem of all is nutrients from horse manure getting into ground water against EPA regulations.

"The EPA has come in and found there is some seepage into the groundwater. We do not want to be in non-compliance with EPA regulations,” said Scarborough Downs spokesman, Mike Sweeney.

But with only three weeks to go, the obstacles facing the track and horsemen loom large.

"The industry is in tough shape right now, horse supply is down and we used to have 400 horses stabled down there, now we're down to about 50 horses in the barn area,” Sweeney told NEWS CENTER.