SACO, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - Some tense moments at a motel in Saco as police respond to what they thought was a hostage or kidnapping situation.

After several hours police arrested two people inside one of the motel’s rooms and a third person who came out on her own. They are still searching for a fourth person who was involved.

Very early in the morning a caller reported to police that someone was being held against their will at the Brookside Motel.

“The call was essentially this was a kidnapping a hostage situation, so the response was done appropriately which involved calling in a number of agencies to assist”, said Saco Deputy Chief Jack Clements.

Eventually police determined no one was being held. Before a state police swat team arrived, Saco police officers were first on the scene.

“When they arrived on the scene there was one person that ran out the back, actually jumped out the back window. That person fled on foot”, said Clements.

Police did recover a gun outside that window. They then blocked off the road, evacuated most of the motel rooms, and told people in nearby homes to shelter in place.

Mike Garrison of New York was staying in one of the rooms with his family.

“It was pretty scary, pretty nerve-racking, but police did a good job. They kept everyone safe and stuff”, he said.

Across the street, TJ McDermott was woken up by the sound of a police bullhorn. He says he wasn't surprised.

"I'm not going to say it's common, but oh, there's another issue at the hotel across the street", he said.

McCormick says he’s seen police respond to the motel several times in the past. He’s not sure why, because he says the owners are hard working and seem to do a good job.

“I feel sorry for them, they have children and grandkids in there, so maybe it's just this is easily accessible to 95. It's right off”, McDermott said.

After nearly seven hours police secured a search warrant and moved in.

"They knew we were out here, we had been talking with them trying to get them to come out. So they still refused to come out so we did have to use forcible entry to get in", said Clements.

One woman in the room had outstanding warrants for her arrest. A man with her was charged with creating a police standoff.