PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- A group of Russian firefighters is on their way home after a week and a half long exchange trip to the United States.  

Six delegates from the ark-angel training center for rescue organizations spent time trading ideas with firefighters in Maine.
The program has been running for years, Archangel, which in Russian is spelled Arkhangelsk, is one of Portland's sister cities.
Members of both fire teams say the trips have been beneficial.
Firefighters in Archangel now use a hose system for tall buildings modeled after ones used in Maine.
Maine firefighters say their departments could benefit from the way the Archangel center uses psychologists.
They're employed to help firefighters handle stressful situations they face and PTSD.

“It seemed like the perfect opportunity to have someone who works psychologically with the rescue service there where they have such a good system developed to come here and help us lay the groundwork for that,” said Portland Fire Captain, Christopher Goodall.

“This work is very stressful and yes I hope you can improve this part,” said Ekatrina Maxsimova, one of the Russian delegates.
In terms of politics, the Russian and American firefighters say they don't let that stand in the way of the training.
They said they leave those disagreements to leaders in Washington and Moscow and find each other friendly.