ROCKPORT, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- People in Rockport are still struggling to understand how one of their young residents could have killed four people, including his mother.

22-year old Orion Krause is accused of murdering his mother, Buffy Krause of Rockport, his grandparents and their caregiver last Friday in Massachusetts.

"Who's to say, but the Orion Krause I knew, that was at Camden Hills could never have done this," said Nancy Rowe, band director at Camden Hills Regional High School. Rowe said Orion Krause was one of the top musicians at the school, from which he graduated in 2013. Krause graduated earlier this year from Oberlin Conservatory of Music in Ohio.

Rowe described Krause as well liked and kind, a good student and "a fabulous musician". All of that, she said, make the charges against him more difficult to grasp.

"Nobody can wrap their head around it, this doesn’t make any sense," she said. "A great kid, a normal high school kid, nice family, just doesn’t make any sense to anyone how something like this can happen."

Rowe said she had not talked to Krause since he left high school, but the manager at a local music store had similar praise for him, calling Krause kind, friendly and well-liked. He said he has spoken to Krause as recently as two weeks ago.

In court Monday in Ayer, Massachusetts, a judge ordered Krause to undergo a psychiatric evaluation.

According to NBC Boston, the District Attorney did reveal that Kraus had left his parents' home in Rockport Thursday night without explanation, then called his mother Friday morning from the Boston area to come get him. She made the trip and they then drove to the grandparents' home. At some point, according to the DA, Orion Krause called another person who was alarmed by the call and contacted the man's family. Late Friday afternoon, police in Groton, MA were called by a neighbor after Krause showed up at his door, naked and saying he had murdered four people.

A vigil was held in Groton Sunday night to remember the victims.