SIDNEY, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- A baby was one of several riders in a truck who were showered with glass when a rock was thrown through their windshield.

Maine State Police said the rock was dropped from the Dinsmore Road overpass as the truck traveled beneath it along Interstate 95 in Sidney on Wednesday night.

The rock wedged into the windshield, sending shards of glass flying through the cab where the eight-week-old girl and her parents were seated. The baby was sent to the hospital to remove glass from her ear.

SIDNEY, Maine - On the night of Aug. 16, 2017, a couple was traveling north bound and going under the Dinsmore Road overpass in Sidney when their vehicle was struck by an object. Then on the night of Aug 23, 2017, a different couple and their 8-week-old infant were traveling north bound in the same area and as they went under the over pass there windshield was struck by a rock (picture). The vehicle was a single cab pickup so the child and other occupants were covered in glass from the shattered windshield. The child was transported to the Hospital to get small shards of glass out of her ear. Any information on possible suspects would be appreciated. It is believed the suspects are in the immediate area of the overpass. Any information please contact Trooper John Lacoste. If you need anything else just give me a shout 207-624-7076. #TroopC #MaineStatePolice

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Another couple traveling through the area a week earlier also complained to police about an object striking their vehicle.

Police said they are concentrating their search for the rock thrower in the area of the overpass. Anyone with information to help their investigation can call Trooper John Lacoste at (207) 624-7076.