BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- He was the subject of one of the longest and widest manhunts in Maine history.

Monday, Robert Burton went on trial for the death of former girlfriend Stephanie Ginn Gebo.
Her body was found in her home in the town of Parkman on June 5, 2015.
Almost immediately, police began looking for Burton whom Ginn Gebo had broken up with a few weeks earlier.
It was a manhunt that would last two months, with numerous sightings of Burton in the woods around Guilford.
He was even spotted on someone's game camera.

Burton finally gave himself up in mid-August of that year.

In court Monday morning, Burton's lawyers and state prosecutors told jurors very different accounts of what happened inside Ginn Gebo's home that day.
Burton claims he shot Ginn Gebo in self-defense.
But prosecutors believe the crime was pre-meditated -- the motive -- jealousy.
They say Burton brought duct tape to tie Ginn Gebo up and murder her because she was seeing other men.

“Common sense and reason will tell you if a jealous man is kicked out of the house that he shared with a woman he claimed to love, then that man has a motive for murder,” said Assistant Attorney General, Donald Macomber.
Burton's defense says Gebo tried to kill Burton first with a gun she had hidden under her pillow.

Then in an ensuing struggle, he got the gun, shot her and then tried to kill himself.

“He loved Stephanie, cared about Stephanie,” said defense attorney, Hunter Tzovarras. “He loved her children, cared about her children.”

State public safety spokesman Steve McCausland says the total cost of the Robert Burton manhunt exceeded half a million dollars for state police.
That does not include the cost of additional investigators and agents brought in to assist in the two-month search.