BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER)—Road conditions Tuesday evening during the storm were fair to poor at best. One of the NEWS CENTER crews found that out first hand. Chris Facchini and Dan Frye were leaving Hermon Mountain ski area when they ran into a bit of trouble with the storm themselves.

Chris says, It was whiteout conditions as they were leaving the ski area and the driveway was covered with snow. When they got to the end of the driveway they couldn’t make it through the snow bank. When we backed up to try and push forward we slid sideways into a ditch and needed to get towed out. Ed Brown who was plowing the driveway at the ski area tried to help us out but it was another tow truck driver from Union Street towing in Bangor that finally came to the rescue.

Then on their way back to Bangor along the interstate they ran into two women, who's Uhaul broke down on a ramp. They run an auction company and were picking up some consignments. When we spoke with them, they were patiently waiting for a ride.

Melissa Wells said, “my crews behind us about 20 minutes.” (question) so you've got somebody coming to pick you up? “That'd be it yep. Always good to have someone watching your back in times like this huh?” Yes, lovely weather here in Maine.

Another call in Holden where a plow truck that backed into a telephone pole and knocked it down and a truck hauling potatoes in Medway got stuck on the side of the road. But for the most part it's was pretty quiet right under the circumstances.