HUDSON, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- The woman and horse that fell through a bridge in Maine over the weekend are both expected to recover just fine.

Ashley Norman and her horse 'Yukon' were riding down Wild Davis Road in Hudson when they approached a wooden bridge that was not safe for a horse to travel across. Norman was looking for another trail to use when a turkey spooked the horse, causing it to launch forward. "This is how he was, his hind feet went underneath the bridge part here," Norman said. "His feet went down through the bridge and he tried to get himself up and I just said easy easy."

Norman knew she wouldn't be able to get Yukon free herself and instantly called 9-11. Hudson's Fire Captain Chris Lavoie was one of the first people on scene. By the time he and others arrived the horse had become so exhausted that it collapsed onto Norman's leg, breaking it instantly.

"It was a little bit out of the realm that we deal with so, it caught me off guard," Lavoie said.

With the help of a local vet, they tranquilized the horse and got him removed from the bridge safely. "He could have knocked them over and it certainly could have ended a lot worse than it did," Norman said.

Norman applauds the efforts of the first responders -- she says they handled an unusal situation with great professionalism. However, she thinks there should be more effort put into training for rescues like this.

"You never think it's going to happen to you and then it does and you're like what resources do I need, how do I get them to me quickly," Norman said. "That's why its so important for local fire departments to be trained in large animal rescue."

"We are actually going to work with the vet that came out, hopefully in the near future and set up a training for large animal rescues," Lavoie said. "Invite surrounding towns to it so all of us can be a little more prepared for that because its something we don't do on a regular basis."

Norman is recovering from surgery at EMMC in Bangor, she and 'Yukon' are expected to make a full recovery.