BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Safety is a top priority for those preparing for the Bangor State Fair -- in the wake of a fatal accident at the Ohio State Fairgrounds this week.

Any fair rides in Maine must be inspected by the Fire Marshall's Office as well as an insurance company before anyone is allowed to ride them. When these big rides come to town, it's their job to ensure everything is running up to code. Maine has had a few ride malfunctions over the years -- in 2015, a kiddy rollercoaster at a Waterville carnival separated, causing the second car to come to an abrupt stop. Three children suffered minor injuries.

The President of Fiesta Shows says unfortunately accidents do happen -- but he is confident in the equipment being used in Bangor and hopes the public will be too.

"After yesterdays incident to today, there's no standard that has been changed because we try to meet the highest standards everyday," Fiesta Shows president EJ Dean said. "All the incident in Ohio does is remind us of that vigilance and why we do it."