BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — Could the people who provide you services everyday not really have the skills and experience they say they do?

If your company doesn't have a thorough screening process, it could be opening itself up to risk.

According to a survey by background screening company HireRight, 85 percent of employers uncover lies or misrepresentation about an applicant during the screening process. That's up by nearly 20 percent since 2012.

HireRight says common things that people embellish or lie about on their resumé and during the application process include education, length of employment, criminal history, and salary.

Skewing length of employment allows people to account for actual unemployment gaps.

Experts say people do so to appear more competitive in an already fierce job market.Julie Rabinowitz with the Maine Department of Labor says Maine's job market is highly competitive.

HireRight describes how to detect if an applicant is lying.

Ray Inglesi with human resource consulting firm, Drake Inglesi Milardo Inc., believes many people don't outright lie.

"As I've experienced in 30 years, I don't find people intentionally lying," Inglesi said.

However Inglesi warned that whether misrepresentation is accidental or intentional, he believes a good employer will find out in the screening process.