GREENLAND, New Hampshire (NEWS CENTER) -- Millions of dollars are expected to be approved to build new water lines to homes near a former superfund site.

High levels of PFC's known to be linked to cancer, developmental delays, and other health problems, were detected in nearly one hundred wells nearly the Coakley landfill. Residents have installed expensive water filtration systems and drink bottled water because they feel their tap water is unsafe.

"We don't know what kind of contaminants are coming out of that landfill, we just don't know what we are drinking we hope the municipal water will be safer, in the long run, said Maria Emery who lives near the landfill.

There is also concerns that runoff from the landfill could be contaminating wells in other communities, including Rye and Hampton. The commission overseeing the funds is expected to approve the water line project next week.