PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- Tuesday night, local WLOB News Talk radio host and familiar face on Political Brew, Ray Richardson, was one of the many conservatives waiting to hear of Donald Trump's eventual win. Wednesday morning he talked with a panel of republican supporters about how the now President Elect came to be and where trump will go from here.

Richardson cited trump's refusal to back down when he received negative attention from the media along with his ability to connect with the public as two of his biggest draws. He also believes the public lost its trust in Hillary Clinton and the national media. As Donald Trump moves forward, Richardson believes he will build strong bonds with Russia, improve health care in the US, and be an asset to Maine's governor.

"Governor LePage has been given a grand opportunity in his last two years," Richardson said. "He has a senate that hopefully he can work with, it's a Republican senate, the numbers are very close in the house. Governor Paul LePage is the biggest winner in the state of Maine last night because he has an ally in the White House now."

Richardson says the relationship between LePage and Trump has potential to bridge the divide between Maine and Washington D.C.