FARMINGTON, Maine ( NEWS CENTER) -- Racing fans in Maine and all over the country are furious that the Pro Series car, driven by Cassius Clark of Farmington, was detained at the Maine-Canada Border and may miss a big televised race this weekend.

The truck, carrying Clark's car, racing gear, and tools, was stuck a the border in Houlton since Tuesday. As of Friday afternoon, it finally got the go-ahead to continue its journey, but time is not on their side.

The very frustrated King Racing Team reached out to Governor LePage and members of Congress, hoping to get some help with a mountain of red tape.

As the #13 team frantically tried to get the paperwork it needs, time ran out. There is no way the truck can make the 20-hour drive to North Carolina in time for this weekend’s PASS Mason-Dixon MegaMeltdown.

In an email response, furnished to us by which had inquired as to the hold-up, the Border Patrol says it can't get into details, but it had to do with proper importation documents and that the EPA had to approve the emission standards on the car. This is not a new law, but Clark says he and other teams he's talked with didn't know about it.

He hopes they can get the necessary paperwork in 2 weeks when they are supposed to race in Florida. But this race is a no go. Still, fans of social media and championing the hashtag #FreeThe13.