BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Maine's growing opioid epidemic continues to take one life a day, but it's also taking a toll on animal lives as well. On Thursday, business law students at the Eastern Maine Community College in Bangor did their part to help.

They presented a 750-dollar check to the Bangor Humane Society to raise awareness about opioid induced animal abuse.

They say some desperate addicts are intentionally hurting their animals to be prescribed opiates. Instead of using that medication to treat the animal, the addict uses it to get high.

As their final class project, they submitted a revision to Maine’s animal abuse law to include more specific penalties if an addict is caught abusing their animal.

“So in the state of Maine where our pets are unfortunately considered property, you know it gives a voice to our furry family members,” said Nicole Carbisiero, one of the students behind the project.

She along with her classmate Jacob Grand Maison, believe animals need more protection under Maine’s animal abuse laws.

“It’s just as much as our responsibility to try to do something and create change as it is for the vets who prescribed the medication and the owners themselves,” he said.

They hope their revisions will soon be drafted and will one day be made into law.