PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- The colorful, ever-changing wall art wall at the Portland Water District on the Eastern Promenade has been a free space for artists for the last 15 years. Now, it's in the middle of controversy and on Wednesday night, the public will weigh in- keep it, or ban painting all together?

The Planning Committee of the Board of Trustees of the Portland water district will hold a meeting and members are asking the community residents to come weigh in on this topic that's been discussed ever since a mural of Governor Paul LePage depicted as a KKK member was painted on the art wall. Residents have voiced a lot of support for continuing public use of the wall- many stating they enjoy the paintings and free expression. Others are upset about the litter that's accumulated on the shoreline, as well as the paint that's trickled onto the sidewalk, the fence, and down by the water on to the rocks. And more say paintings like that LePage mural send the wrong message.

That meeting will be Wednesday at 7:00pm at the Portland Water District. Board members have said that while they are taking into consideration the opinions of the public, those opinions will not be the deciding factor as to what happens to the wall. As for the paintings on the wall, board members have also said this will be an all or nothing decision.