AUGUSTA, Maine (NEWS CENTER) – With Tax Day drawing near, people all across the state are prepared for last-minute fliers.

“Don’t wait until the last minute, Heather Schlipstein said at the H&R Block in Bangor Wednesday.

She was rushing to get everything together to file her mother’s taxes with the help of tax preparers.

“Making sure I have all the right paperwork and make sure everything’s in so it doesn’t get kicked back,” she said.

She was not the only one though, and the H&R Block said they have been prepared.

"We're ready for them. We have a big crew and we're ready for anyone who comes through the door with whatever tax situation,” Tracy Willard said.

Clients who come through Willard's office often file electronically, but there are still plenty of people in the state who file the old fashioned way.

Nearly 12 percent of all filers still do so by paper, according to the Maine Revenue Service.

"It's very busy,” Abby Currier said. “These next two weeks are very busy for us.”

Currier is one of dozens of workers who process the returns with the Income/Estate Tax Division—sorting mail and scanning them in.

482,000 returns have been received so far. They still expect another 100,000 in the next week.

"Habits are hard to break sometimes. Some people are notoriously early filers and some are notoriously on the other side of the scale," Heather Popadak, Director of the Income/Estate Tax Division, said.

Due to those on the late side of the scale, the division admits they may fall behind.

"There will be a little bit of a delay, but we will keep working at it. We will probably be busy through June,” Popadak said.

It means workers like Currirer will be busy processing it all to get you that money back as fast they can.

"We just try to keep up so we can get everybody their refund,” she said.