PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - Portland travelers: be prepared for road closures and delays.

A jam-packed intersection in Portland is getting a long-awaited makeover.

Maine DOT says it plans to redo Woodford's Corner - one of the busier intersections in the state, which sees about 27,000 cars daily.

"Oh it's horrible," said Jake Nillson, who lives nearby. "Always backed up there. Always backed up here."

It's known for being one of Portland's worst intersection's - Woodford's Corner. It's so busy that some drivers avoid it entirely.

"I always go around," said Nillson. "Seriously. There's a little back when you can go all the way around or I go that way. I never come in [the intersection.] I don't want to gamble. I don't want to play with it. You never know when it's backed all the way up."

"This intersection mostly is a thru-way," said Maine DOT spokesperson Ted Talbot. "To get out of town and to get into town. Over 27,000 vehicles a day use this on average. So it's a very very busy intersection and it's becoming to the point where it is not as safe as we wanted to be."

The new update will include two-lane traffic instead of one, landscaping, less on-street parking, and an overall better driving experience.

"Yeah I'm really excited," said Nillson. "This is probably the worst [intersection] in Portland I think."

There's one catch, though: the project won't be completed until November of 2018, and will cause serious inconveniences for drivers. "What we are doing is we are urging motorists to really seek an alternate route," said Talbot. "This is going to be very very impactful."

Night work & road closures will impact the busy are for the next year - but Maine DOT says the wait will be well worth it.

"We ask for their patience, and I think everyone will be happy on the other side of this," said Talbot.

For Nillson - he says it's probably worth it. "You take the good with the bad," he said.