PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- A chemical leak not only stopped a commercial box truck from making its rounds, it also stopped the traffic around it as well.

Emergency crews strung warning tape along Congress Street in Portland on Wednesday morning to keep the public a safe distance away from a truck belonging to Anderson Insulation.

A police officer stopped the truck near the fire station on Munjoy Hill after noticing it had sprung some sort of a leak. After initial work by firefighters to contain the leak, the operation was turned over to a hazardous material team in protective gear.

Warning tape limited the flow of traffic on Congress Street in Portland until crews cleaned up the chemical that was leaking from an Anderson Insulation truck

Assistant Fire Chief Keith Gautreau identified the chemical as a polymer used to make insulation. It was being stored in a 55 gallon drum that was found to have cracked, leaking 10 gallons into the truck and another 15 onto the ground. Gautreau said only the liquid form of the chemical is hazardous and only when released into an enclosed space.

Maine State Police issued a citation to Anderson Insulation.