(NEWS CENTER) -- The City of Portland is reaching the annual deadline for Residential Parking Permit renewal at the end of June. The permits are the only way to park on downtown Portland streets without getting ticketed (or eventually booted) at non-metered parking spots.

All Portland permits are released from the Portland Parking Division in Portland City Hall. The division is located on the bottom floor of city hall in Room 20. If you currently have a permit, it expires on June 30th, 2017. If you have never had a permit, you need to get one if you park on street in any of these zones.

If you haven't gotten a permit and need one you should make sure that both your car registration and your driver's license both match your Portland address before applying. The division cannot issue a parking permit without both of these matching your home location in Portland.

Click RIGHT HERE for an application, the stickers are free.

Keep in mind that a residential sticker will only keep your car protected from tickets if you're parked in a 'safe zone' that neither needs to be street cleaned or plowed during snow bans at the time. Permits do not allow you to park in metered spots without paying.