PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- A woman who works at a downtown clothing store in Portland unpacked quite the surprise yesterday -- a black widow spider.

Becky Samowitz found the spider in a box she opened -- and managed to coax it into a jar, and identify the red hourglass on it's underside.

Her boyfriend, who's fascinated with spiders, picked it up and brought it home, even created a terrarium for it.

But Becky said there was no way she was sleeping with a black widow in the house. So they made some calls.

They are donating the spider to USM, to a professor who told them it would die in the Maine environment anyway, so the most humane thing to do would be put it in the freezer.

Duncan Scott, Becky's boyfriend, thinks it's a Western Black Widow, common in places like Reno, which is where the box shipped from.

By the way, it is extremely rare for someone to die of a black widow bite. But one could land you in the hospital.