PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - A Portland thrift shop celebrated its first anniversary under new ownership by donating its profits.

Still A Good Cause Thrift Shop nearly closed last year, but workers and volunteers took it over and now run it themselves. Their efforts are paying off, by helping women recovering from addiction. They are now being provided with a place to live and with it, comes hope.

“"I’ve struggled with addiction since I was like 12. I considered myself a functioning addict for awhile, then my life became unmanageable and just out of control”, said a 28-year old resident who did not want her name used.

She is one of the 13 women now living at the McAuley Residence in Portland. The program provides an apartment for them and their children, while also helping them continue down the road to recovery from addiction. It has provided a big help in assuring this resident stays on that path.

“I have over 13-months of sobriety. I’m getting my children back. I have them living with me”, she said.

The program was a presented a check for $2500 from a Portland thrift shop that nearly closed last year. That’s when McAuley High School went in a different direction after severing ties with the Catholic Church. School officials wanted to close the shop, but workers and volunteers fought to keep it open and run it themselves.

While the shop helps those less fortunate afford necessities, it takes the profits it makes and donates them to the McAuley residence.

“We think about that everyday, that’s why we’re here”, said shop manager Katie Guzman.

Guzman has led the staff through some tough times. Now, on its one-year anniversary, the shop is on stable footing and with a profitable future.

“We have more donations, more than we can really handle, but we still want them. I don’t want people to think we don’t want donations, because that’s what keeps us going”, Guzman said.

As long as the donations keep coming in, so will the checks for the McAuley Residence. Workers and volunteers at the shop say today’s presentation was just the first of many more to come.