As two people continue to recover after being hit by cars while skateboarding, the city of Portland is planning on expanding its skate park.

Part of that has to do with providing a safe place for skateboarders.

Portland’s parks department is asking for $300,000 to double the size of the existing skate park.

On Wednesday, the city held a meeting about the plan, attended by dozens of skaters.

The skate park is often overcrowded and has been since 2008 when it opened.

Skateboarders say expanding the park will prevent crashes and keep people from getting hurt, while also providing a place to skate other than hazard-filled streets.

“I don't really skate in the street in Portland a lot unless I'm commuting somewhere,” said Aubrey Greenlaw a regular skate park visitor.
Portland’s parks department is seeking public input to help decide how the new skate park will look.

More information about the project can be found on the city’s website.