PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- The 145-year-old cast iron fountain in Portland’s Lincoln Park, the city’s first public park, will be removed piece by piece Tuesday morning starting at 8am, according to the Friends of Lincoln Park Facebook page. The water feature won’t return… until the spring.

Over the next several months, the Lincoln undergo a rigorous restoration to bring back its luster, add another spire after the original one went missing, and city workers will also be able to control the water spray. The restoration is a part of a larger project to restore the entire park. The city of Portland has partnered with the Friends of Lincoln Park nonprofit who raised the needed $130,000 for the operation.

However, the coolest details about the fountain are in its history. Lincoln park itself was created a year after the 1866 Portland fire as a fire break, a buffer zone to keep any future fires from spreading. The fountain didn't get there, though, until 1871. It was built in Paris and brought over on a steamer ship.

The cast iron landmark will be brought to a workshop in Georgetown until it returns in the spring.