PORTLAND, ME (NEWS CENTER) --  Pat Callaghan returns to host this weekend's edition of Political Brew with our pundits, former State Senator Phil Harriman and former Speaker of the House John Richardson.

This week the panel discuss the following:

Segment 1:

-- Governor LePage wants his welfare reforms made law. Could it happen this session? Should it?

-- Governir LePage gives smaller tips to servers, telling them to ask their legislators to change the tipped credit law.

-- Senator Eric Brakey of Auburn forms exploratory committee for possible run against Sen. Angus King

Segment 2:

-- Senate Intelligence Committee holds hearings on  Russian influence in 2016 election. Both of Maine’s senators are on that panel.

-- Should President Trump be worried about testimony from Michael Flynn?

-- Governor LePage vetoes emergency bill to give special ID cards to veterans to use at federal facilities.