NEWS CENTER's Pat Callaghan sits down with our political pundits, former Speaker of the Maine House, Democrat John Richardson and former State Senator, Republican Phil Harriman.

This week's edition features:

Part 1

-- Representatvie Bruce Poliquin is the only top Maine elected official supporting the GOP Obamacare replacement plan. Is this politically risky for him?

-- Should Maine get more tax money from Poland Spring for the right to sell our water?

-- Can businesses afford mandatory sick leave for Maine workers?

-- The current and a former Secretary of State are at odds over Real ID. Who’s right?

Part 2

-- What’s behind Governor LePage’s sudden interest in spending so much time in Washington, DC?

-- Governor LePage offers apology for past comments on race.

-- Candidate Donald Trump loved Wikileaks. Does President Trump feel the same way?

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